Purely Japanese loungewear -About the fabric-


Hello!Nercocia. is a loungewear and nightwear brand made purely in Japan!


In this issue, we discuss loungewear from Nercocia!

Let us talk about the special fabrics of pure Japanese loungewear.


This item uses a fabric called W gauze.

Gauze may sound familiar to you, but then, what kind of fabric is gauze?

Gauze is a fabric made of sweetly twisted yarns (twisting: twisting fibers so that they do not fall apart), coarsely plain weave (plain weave: a weave in which the warp and weft yarns cross one another), bleached (*bleaching: the process of removing impurities from fabric and yarn and bleaching) to give a soft white finish. The fabric is then bleached.

The gauze is characterized by

High air permeability

Excellent in water absorption and quick-drying

Very soft and comfortable to the touch

Can be used in all seasons

The denser the yarn, the stiffer the fabric, but gauze fabric is softer because of its looser weave. Because of its softness, it is often used for clothes for babies with sensitive skin. The loose weave also makes the fabric breathable and absorbent because it is loose enough to hold moisture.

However, gauze also has these disadvantages.

・The edges of the fabric tend to fray easily ・Since it is soft and thin, it is easily transparent ・It is difficult to sew because the shape changes when it is pulled.

In order to reduce these disadvantages, Nercocia. uses double gauze. What is double gauze? As the name suggests, double gauze is made of two layers of gauze fabric. Compared to a single piece of gauze (single gauze), double gauze is thicker and less transparent. However, since it is originally made of soft fabric, it can be worn comfortably even in spring and summer without heat buildup. Nercocia. uses double gauze for the fabric of loungewear because the double layer also makes it more durable.

Because of the softness of the fabric, sewing is not an easy task. As mentioned in the disadvantages of gauze, double gauze is difficult to sew because of its loose weave, it easily unravels from the fabric edge, and the bias (* bias: cutting at an angle to the fabric grain) is easily stretched. The fabric itself is not very strong, so if force is applied to the seams, they can tear.

However, Nercocia. is a factory brand born from a sewing factory. The disadvantages of sewing are covered by the know-how that only a domestic factory can provide, the skill of each seamstress, and thorough checks.

How about a gift for yourself or your loved ones?

Thank you for reading to the end!

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