Contains the bran oil of Astragalus membranaceus (yokuinin), which is well-known as a Chinese herb. The two-layer oil-in-mist formula is moisturizing but not sticky, making it easy to use even for those who are concerned about the stickiness characteristic of oil.


In addition to Nercocia's original plant moisturizing ingredients made from Toyama Prefecture adlay bran oil, this hand cream contains vegetable placenta (melon placenta extract) to maintain healthy skin. Its refreshing texture leaves no sticky residue. Hyaluronic acid and Toyama Bay deep sea water are added to keep skin moist and protected.


Contains Nercocia's original plant moisturizing ingredients made from Toyama Prefecture wheat bran oil. Contains jojoba oil, cherry leaf extract, macadamia nut oil, ceramide, Toyama Bay deep sea water, and hinokitiol, which prevent skin dryness and retain moisture, and help to maintain healthy skin. The refreshing texture keeps skin warm.

Body Towel

Body Towel is made with very delicate threads and time-consuming to minimize the burden on the skin. Nercocia's original product is a special towel specially designed for body washing, blended with wheat grass nuka oil, which is effective in smoothing and beautifying the skin. Optimized as a towel for washing the body in the bath, it gently cleanses women's skin during bathing. It is safe to use for bathing babies, small children, and the elderly. 


Five-toed socks with a heel made of silk with a rustic texture and a moderate thickness. 5-toed socks allow the toes to open securely, which is said to help you walk with a sense of security. They absorb perspiration between the toes and keep your feet dry and comfortable.

Well-Being Supplement

This inner care supplement is a blend of "Tear grass bran oil," which is rich in unsaturated fatty acids from natural plant oils, and "flaxseed oil," which is rapidly gaining popularity because it contains omega-3 fatty acids, the intake of which is in short supply due to the westernization of our diet.
Flaxseed oil, which is delicate and easily oxidized, is delivered fresh in capsules. It supports a comfortable daily life.

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