「WASHI」with Cotton -Tear grass bran oil blended rayon-

Nercocia's original material is made by knitting "Astragalus Nuka Fiber," which is made by kneading rayon fiber with naturally occurring ingredients from Astragalus membranaceus, and “WASHI”, a natural fiber that has been handed down from ancient times in Japan.
The exquisite combination of the supple threads of Astragalus rayon and the tautness of cotton and Japanese paper gives the fabric a surface change, resulting in a soft and moist product that feels good against the skin.

Double-gauze -Tear grass bran oil blended rayon-

Original double gauze fabric using "Astragalus nucifilis fiber," a rayon fiber blended with the naturally occurring ingredient contained in a large amount of Astragalus membranaceus bran.
Double gauze is made of two layers of thin gauze loosely woven with sweetly twisted yarns, which minimizes skin irritation and is gentle to those with sensitive skin.
Double gauze also has excellent moisture absorbency and breathability, making it a product that can be enjoyed in all seasons, both indoors and outdoors.

Blend「WASHI」with Cotton

Washi is blended with our original wheatgrass blended material. It is lightweight, strong, moisture absorbent and desorbent, and has natural antibacterial and deodorant properties, while maintaining the softness of the previous material.
It is moist and soft to the touch while retaining the firmness characteristic of Japanese paper.

Eight lock Smooth Cotton

This fabric is made in Japan using a deformed smooth cotton knit with excellent elasticity, which is knitted with a 2-ply front and 2-ply back, as opposed to the usual 1-ply front and 1-ply back.
The air space between the skin and the fabric is filled with air, which significantly increases the warmth of the fabric. It has a soft and fluffy feel and is very comfortable to wear.

Recycle Cotton Sweat

Recycled cotton is an environmentally friendly fabric with a unique texture created by blending the cotton that falls out when making yarn at factories with a special technique that produces an uneven, natural texture.

Cotton Double-gauze

Original double gauze fabric made of 100% cotton, with sweetly twisted yarns, coarsely plain-weaved, and then bleached to make it soft and airy.
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Undyed Organic Cotton

Undyed organic cotton is woven with brown and green cotton organic yarns, which make the most of the original color of cotton. The cotton residue on the surface of the fabric is due to the fact that it has not been bleached or washed with chemicals. Please enjoy the natural atmosphere of the fabric, which we have not dared to alter.
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