Nercocia.How to take a bath to moisturize with wheatgrass care

Dry air and the change of seasons can also be a difficult time of year, as the dryness of the body becomes worse. People with dry skin or those who warm themselves by bathing can also cause itching. Itching on the back, which is hard to reach, can be quite painful. It is a bad time to relax, isn’t it?

So this time, we will tell you how to take a moisturizing bath with Nercocia.

In the previous issue, we summarized the benefits of taking a warm bath to moisturize your skin and mind. We also mentioned the benefits of skin moisturizing by keeping the skin warm, which is also connected to bathing, so please refer to this article as well.


Why does itching occur?

Bathing is essentially a way to cleanse and warm the body, to regulate the body’s circulation, and to relax and relieve physical and mental fatigue.

However, when the barrier function that protects the skin from external stimuli is reduced, the skin becomes dry. The nerves that transmit itchiness from dryness to the brain also become hypersensitive, making the skin more susceptible to irritation and contributing to itchiness. So here are some tips on how to moisturize and bathe with Nercocia. wheatgrass products.

Itch Prevention Recommended Bathing Methods

  • Set the bath water to lukewarm (40°C or lower)

Getting into hot water dries out the skin by leaching out the ingredients that protect the skin.

  • Choosing a Cleaning Agent

Many of the body soaps on the market are very strong and wash away the oils necessary for the skin. We recommend using solid soaps that are mildly acidic and made from simple ingredients to minimize irritation.

  • Wash gently with foam

Wash gently by lathering thoroughly and rolling the foam. We recommend that you wash gently without causing friction, using your hands or a towel made of soft material.

Be careful with traditional nylon body towels, as they may damage the skin.

  • use bath salts

Using bath salts containing moisturizing ingredients such as jojoba oil and glycerin will protect the skin from drying out due to bathing. Chlorine can also damage the skin and cause skin problems, so it is recommended to create dechlorinated water quality with bath salts.

Nercocia.Tear grass care for moisturizing after bathing


Now, we have introduced some pointers on how to bathe.

From here, we would like to introduce some points for moisturizing after bathing.

  • Gently dab the water droplets with a bath towel.

Be careful not to wipe off water droplets with scrubbing force.

We recommend that you also pay attention to the quality of the bath towels, which should be soft, gentle, and comfortable to the touch.

  • Moisturizing care quickly before the skin dries out.

Since hair, body, and even the soles of the feet dry out, it is very easy and convenient to use a moisturizer that can moisturize all at once. In addition, moisturizing care to a warm body is effective with good penetration rate.

Nercocia.Tear grass body care products for moisturizing

Nercocia (ネルコッチャ) がつくるハトムギのボディミスト。

  • Tear grass body mist (lavender or bergamot)

Tear grass bran oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, with oleic acid accounting for more than half of its content, and a two-layer oil-in-mist with high beauty benefits and natural herb extracts.

Nercocia (ネルコッチャ) がつくるハトムギのボディクリーム。

  • Tear grass body cream

100% Tear grass bran oil, the first in the world to be registered as a cosmetic

It contains jojoba oil, cherry leaf extract, macadamia nut oil, ceramide, Toyama Bay deep sea water, and hinokitiol, which prevent skin dryness and moisturize the skin, and protect and moisturize the skin with a refreshing feeling.


We have introduced a method to help you warm up and moisturize your body with Nercocia.wheatgrass products, which will lead to healthier skin.

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