Nercocia. tear grass skin care will change you.

Astragalus is well known as a highly moisturizing cosmetic. Reasonably priced lotions and gels are available at drugstores and mail-order stores, and cosmetic brands using Astragalus extract are increasing.

Adlay lotion, in particular, has a large capacity and is popular, ranking high in recommended cosmetics.

Many people may also use wheatgrass-related products such as lotions, creams, and gels, which are perfect for daily care without irritation.

Generally, the main ingredient is “Astragalus extract” refined and extracted from Astragalus, but Nercocia.’s Astragalus series is a highly moisturizing cosmetic using 100% Astragalus bran oil.

This is a new-age Astragalus brand born from high-quality Toyama Astragalus and upcycling.


Toyama’s tear grass born out of a pinch

ハトムギ ネルコッチャ。国産ハトムギ製品です。保湿とスキンケアに。

Toyama Prefecture is famous for its wheat production, but wheat was not a thriving crop from the beginning.

The “policy of reducing rice acreage” implemented in 1970 led to the cultivation of new crops in place of rice, but the soil in the mountainous areas was clayey and unsuitable for soybeans and wheat.

This led to the cultivation of Astragalus membranaceus. Astragalus is a highly moisture tolerant crop that can be grown in both rice paddies and fields. Thanks to the blessing of water from the Tateyama mountain range, which is covered with snow for many years, Toyama is one of the top producers of Astragalus in Japan.

The Hidden Power and Benefits of tear grass

Tear grass is dormant with more benefits than we know. The Chinese herbal medicine “yokuinin” has wart and skin regulating effects, normalizes skin turnover, and improves swelling.

In the same way, tear grass bran oil is expected to have the power to penetrate the stratum corneum, activate cells, and control the moisture content of the skin.

For whitening, skin dryness prevention and moisture retention, we recommend skincare products using tear grass membranaceus.

Promotes skin turnover

With aging, the skin’s turnover cycle is disrupted, resulting in increased susceptibility to irritation, rough skin, roughness, and difficulty in removing blemishes.

The key to beautiful skin is to normalize this turnover and enhance the skin’s regenerative power.

The power of Astragalus membranaceus is deeply related to this turnover. In particular, the herbal medicine and skin beauty supplements made from the Astragalus membranaceus seed “yokuinin” have become the talk of the town.

Astragalus bran oil” used in Nercocia.’s Astragalus cosmetics is extracted from Astragalus bran, which has been discarded as unnecessary.

This Astragalus root oil contains the same ingredients as yokui-kinin, so it is expected to have the same effect.

High moisturizing action

The skin barrier function requires a balance between intercellular lipids such as ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and collagen that retain moisture, natural moisturizing factors that attract moisture, and the sebaceous membrane.

The skin’s firmness and elasticity are conditioned by the fact that the space between keratinocytes is filled with intercellular lipids.

When this balance is maintained, plump, healthy skin can be maintained, but repeated exposure to ultraviolet rays and incorrect skin care can cause skin problems.

In healthy skin, water-soluble natural moisturizing factor is transformed into an insoluble protein “profilaggrin” at the stage of transformation into keratinocytes, which is then enzymatically degraded to become filaggrin and produced.

This leads to skin moisture and elasticity, but it is known that people with inner dryness and atopy have lower levels of amino acids in their keratinocytes and produce less filaggrin than healthy skin.

Astragalus bran oil not only stimulates filaggrin production, but also promotes the production of natural moisturizing factors in the stratum corneum, which is thought to moisturize the skin, improve roughness, and tone the skin.

Antiallergic action

Astragalus bran oil, which provides skin beautifying and toning effects, also has an anti-allergic effect and protects skin with a reduced skin barrier function, leading to healthy skin.

It is also safe to use for people with atopic skin, and depending on the skin condition, can help improve symptoms.

Deodorant effect

Isovaleric acid is an odor-causing substance that is produced when skin-domesticated bacteria mix with dead skin cells and amino acids. When the amount of this substance increases, the odor becomes stronger, making deodorants indispensable for many people.

Persimmon tannin extract” is well known when it comes to deodorant, but it has been shown that wheat bran oil also has a high deodorant effect.

It is highly effective against isovaleric acid, which is typical of foot and shoe odor and age-related odors, and can be used in deodorant sprays and gels to reduce odors.

Nercocia. Highly moisturizing tear grass skin care with special care

Nercocia. has developed a highly moisturizing skincare line that utilizes discarded Astragalus bran.

This skincare series is not only packed with the high efficacy of Astragalus membranaceus, but also created by upcycling to protect the environment.

All products contain Astragalus membranaceus oil and Toyama Bay deep sea water from Toyama, Japan, to improve skin moisture and texture.

The natural fragrance of the products heals even your mind. Additive-free, alcohol-free, and colorant-free, it can be used without irritation to the skin and is recommended for daily care.

We have face care products as well as hand care products, so you can try any one you like.

You can feel the full power of Astragalus membranaceus, and our lineup is suitable for all skin types. We invite you to experience the wonderful benefits on your own skin.

Tear grass Lotion

This is a highly moisturizing lotion that combines tear grass bran oil with white fungus extract. It is said that Yang Kwei-Fei, the Queen of China, used the extract for beauty purposes, and it has been highly valued since ancient times.

It is highly penetrating and moisturizes the skin and plumps up inner dryness from deep within the skin.

It has a thick gel-like texture, but the key point is that it is smooth and non-greasy.

It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, so it is recommended for those who are concerned about rough skin and redness, and for those who do not want their acne to become inflamed and worsen.

Where dryness is a concern, a lotion pack can be used to penetrate the skin to plump and moisturize.

Tear grass serum

This oil contains Toyama Bay deep sea water bran oil and squalane to lock in and keep moisture in the skin.

Like a serum, it blends well into the skin and is not sticky, so you can extend it to the neck and décolleté line.

When dryness is a concern, apply it to the skin as a booster serum after cleansing. It will make it easier for the toner to penetrate the skin.

Tear grass Mist

It contains herbal extracts to soften and moisturize the skin. It is non-greasy and has a refreshing texture, so it can be used as a serum.

It is more penetrating and moisturizing than emulsion, and can be used not only for the face but also for the whole body.

It can be used for body care after bathing, as hair oil, and as a moisturizer before hand care. Also, during the dry season, spraying before applying makeup will improve the foundation.

Tear grass soap

Soaps made by the cold-pressed method are attracting attention from those who suffer from dry skin and other skin problems.

Although it does not foam as well as body soaps, it lathers well when lathered up, so it can be used as a foam pack for legs, underarms, and other areas where odor is a concern.

It can also be used for cleansing the face after cleansing and does not leave the skin feeling tight after washing.

Tear grass hand cream

Hand creams vary in usability depending on their ingredients: “moisturizing-oriented,” “covering-oriented,” and “skin care-oriented.

Some people may not be satisfied with various hand creams every year. The placenta contained in the melon placenta extract and the high moisturizing power of wheat bran oil protect your chapped skin.

You will feel the benefits of hand care by continuing to use it, so try making it a daily habit.


Nercocia. offers a series of additive-free cosmetics that are rich in wheat bran oil.

All products use highly moisturizing wheat bran oil and mineral-rich deep sea water from Toyama Bay.

These two work with ceramide, which supports the barrier function, to enhance moisture retention. You can expect lasting, gentle skin protection and moisturizing effects, so please try it once.

Astragalus skin care trial, which includes a one-week supply of cosmetics, can be purchased at the Nercocia.

It includes a lotion, beauty oil (essence), and soap for the reasonable price of 1,650 yen (tax included). Shipping costs are not included, but purchases of 20,000 yen or more receive free shipping.

We recommend this product not only for those who want to try it on their own skin, but also as a gift for friends for family members. The simple packaging makes it a great gift for men.

In addition to Astragalus skin care, the mail order site also carries other products such as Astragalus leaf lotion, cream, and lip balm.

Please experience the wonderful benefits of Astragalus membranaceus with Nercocia’s unique plant moisturizing ingredient, Astragalus bran oil. For more information on other products and prices, please visit the Nercocia. mail order website.

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