Tear grass to keep moisture in! How to Improve Barrier Function


What is the barrier function?

It refers to the ability to stop foreign substances from entering the skin from the outside and to protect the skin’s moisture.

It prevents infection and disease caused by mites, dust mites, cell DNA damage from ultraviolet rays, chemical substances, bacteria, and viral infiltration. It also plays an important role in preventing water loss from the body and protecting healthy skin.

Three balances

That barrier function requires a balance of the following three factors.

◯sebaceous film

 It is a mixture of sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands and sweat secreted by the sweat glands.

 Too much or too little sebum can cause problems.

◯intercellular lipid

 A special lipid between the cells of the stratum corneum.

 These components, mainly ceramide and collagen, are used to neatly line up the stratum corneum and corneocytes.


◯NMF(Natural Moisturizing Factor)

It is an important substance located in stratum corneum cells and functions to enable the cells to retain moisture.

When these factors are in good balance, the moisture retention and barrier functions of the stratum corneum are realized, and the skin is kept healthy, fresh, and beautiful to the eye.

This helps to keep the skin healthy, fresh, and beautiful in appearance.

Skin problems due to reduced barrier function

So, what is the condition of the skin when the barrier function is impaired?

Causes of skin problems

Dry skin▶︎Loss of barrier function▶︎Itching▶︎Scratching

When the skin becomes dry, the barrier function becomes abnormal, causing irritation and allergic reactions. It also increases the risk of inflammation, itchiness, eczema, and dermatitis later in life. It can also lead to a loss of texture, poor turnover, and a worsening of the appearance of the skin.

How to Improve Barrier Function with Tear grass Skin Care

First and foremost, it is important to “moisturize” the skin.

Unfortunately, as we age, our skin tends to dry out and the barrier function deteriorates.

Therefore, it is important to take care of your skin, especially at home, and we will show you how to moisturize your skin with Nercocia’s wheatgrass products.

〈 cleaning 〉

 バリア機能の最も外側にある皮膚のことを表皮と言います。厚さ約0.2㎜と、とても薄 く全身を覆って守っているため、想像以上に汚れています。体の内側の汚れは、垢や汗 です。外側の汚れは、空気中のホコリ、ダニ、化学物質、細菌などです。

 皮膚から体の内側へ侵入するとアレルギーの原因となり、肌に汚れを長時間放置する  と、肌トラブルの要因となるため、清潔に保つことが大切です。


Gently cleanses with foam while moisturizing with the power of Tear grass

Nercocia. Tear grass soap

〈 moisturizer 〉

Even though the skin may appear moist due to seemingly excessive sebum and perspiration, the interior of the skin is usually dry.

 After cleansing the skin, it is ideal to moisturize the skin immediately.

 Nercocia Astragalus skin care is rich in ingredients that promote the production of intercellular lipids, such as ceramides and cholestrol, which fill the spaces between corneocytes, leading to healthy skin.


More than half of the oleic acid, a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids extracted from Tear grass bran oil

Astragalus lotion combines water retention and moisturizing, and is easy to use for both men and women

Nercocia. Tear grass Lotion


Uses plant-derived squalane

Moisturizes with natural moisturizing ingredients that mix with moisture and perspiration to form a sebum film that protects skin from dryness and UV rays

Nercocia. Tear grass beauty oil


Air spaces are created between the skin and the fabric to keep the skin warm.

The fabric is kneaded with Tear grass, shea butter, and olive oil

Moisturizing loungewear for the skin

Nercocia Eight Rock Smooth


Underestimating skin dryness can lead to a loss of barrier function, which can have terrible consequences when noticed and may require a doctor’s prescription.

To maintain healthy skin as well as to keep it looking good, why not start with a simple, at-home

Why not try to use wheatgrass skin care at home?

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