Sweat and Dryness” Author’s tweet

Hello everyone! We are Nercocia., a Japanese made room and nightwear brand!

I am glad that the summer heat is receding and the temperatures are turning into autumn.

But the change of season tends to be especially dry, doesn’t it?

I, the author, have extremely dry skin. Recently, I have developed mild atopic dermatitis in various parts of my body, and my skin condition is not good especially during the sweaty summer and dry winter months….

Speaking of dryness

I used to sweat a cupful of sweat when I sleep, so isn’t that enough to moisturize me when I sleep? Do I need a moisturizing nightie? I was once asked.

It is true that sweat serves as a “protective film” that protects the skin from dryness and bacterial infection.

Then, you might think that it would moisturize on its own.

The problem, however, is not the sweat, but leaving the sweat behind.

When you sweat, it dries up on its own if you leave it unattended. In fact, when sweat dries, moisture inside the skin is lost together.

Also, leaving the skin in a sweaty state can cause the skin to turn from slightly acidic to alkaline, which can lead to inflammation.

Leaving the skin in a sweaty state can cause a variety of skin problems.

The solution is not to leave the sweat on. After sweating, wipe off and moisturize.

But it’s impossible to wipe sweat off or apply moisturizing cream by yourself while you’re sleeping, let alone while you’re awake.

What is important is to choose good bedding (pajamas, loungewear, comforters, etc.).

Nercocia.’s double gauze loungewear is double gauze for good sweat absorption and contains wheatgrass nuka oil to keep the skin well moisturized.

The author has been wearing Nercocia. loungewear recently, and there is almost no inflammation on her back and chest! I usually have bumps! I am very impressed.

I know I sounded like an advertisement at the end, but how about a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself?

Thank you for reading!

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