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benefits of beautiful skin

As the saying goes, looks are 90% of all, and people input a lot of information from their appearance.

Some things are difficult to replace, such as one’s natural appearance, voice, and height, but even a single fashion item, for example, can make a big impression.

We know that even makeup and hairstyles can change the impression we give, so we change our image for each scene.

And nowadays, in addition to this, the trend toward more natural looks is becoming stronger, and the beauty of bare skin on the face is being sought and evaluated. Such beautiful skin is also referred to as “skin power.

beautiful skin for a better impression

What do people think when they see beautiful skin? What do you imagine?


By looking at beautiful skin, you can acquire benefits in various situations by improving your bare skin power from such impressions as trustworthy, self-disciplined, clean and impressionable, considerate, beautiful, healthy, and positive.

In addition, you will not only improve your impression on those around you, but you will also feel more confident in your own face in the mirror every day, which will lift your mood and enable you to take better care of yourself.

What does beautiful skin look like?

Here are some simple words to help you understand what exactly constitutes beautiful skin.

Have you ever heard of the phrase “u-na-ha-da-ke-tsu”?

U” moisture 

Moderate moisture retention (the stratum corneum on the skin’s surface retains about 15% to 20% moisture)

Na” Smooth 

Smooth, ceramic skin with no roughness or unevenness.

Ha” Firmness   

Skin that is not dry, fresh and firm

Da” Elasticity   

When you press your finger on the skin, it bounces back.

Ke” Blood color   

The skin has a clear complexion with no dullness.

Tsu” glossy   

Youthful, giving a bright impression to the entire face.

The “℃” means “bright,” and the “℃” means “clear. Skin with all these conditions is definitely beautiful skin.

Is the beauty of the skin innate?

Recent research has shown that beautiful skin is not something you are born with, but rather the way you care for your skin as a child affects the quality of your skin as an adult.

The key to this is water and moisture retention.

Children’s skin is actually half the thickness of adult skin and has a weaker barrier function to protect it from external stimuli, making it more sensitive and vulnerable.

However, it also has a higher capacity to repair damage, which is why babies’ and children’s skin looks shiny, smooth, and beautiful.

That being said, it is not too early to give up on beautiful skin, even if you are an adult.

You can get beautiful skin by knowing your own skin condition and taking necessary care of it.

Tear grass skin care series to promote moisture retention

The skin’s ability to protect moisture is called the barrier function.

Intercellular lipids and NMF (natural moisturizing factor), which fill the space between cells inside the skin, hold moisture in and keep it from escaping, and the sebum film covers the surface of the skin to keep it moist. Moisturizing” enhances this barrier function.


Moisturizing means these three things: replenishing moisture, replenishing intercellular lipids, and covering with oil.

Nercocia. Tear grass skin care products, which contain intercellular lipids that fill the spaces between horny cells with ceramide and tear grass bran oil that promotes their production, are ideal for retaining moisture.

They also provide a lid with oil to retain and keep moisture in after it has been replenished.

Water retention and moisturizing with Tear grass body mist

The following are five characteristics of “Tear grass Body Mist,” which can be used for skin care of the whole body, from hair and skin to nails and toes, and can both moisturize and retain water.

Nercociaネルコッチャのボディミストです。 美容成分ハトムギヌカ油配合。ラベンダーやベルガモットの良い香りです。

5 Features of Tear grass Body Mist

(1) Highly moisturizing/ Tear grass bran oil produced in Toyama Prefecture

(2) Toyama Bay deep sea water

(3) Natural herb extract

(4) Contains natural essential oil

⑤Two-layer oil-in-mist

①Highly Moisturizing/Toyama Prefecture Tear grass bran oil

The tear grass bran oil in the formula strengthens the barrier function and moisturizes the skin with high-quality amino acids.

②Toyama Bay Ocean Deep Water

Many minerals are dissolved in it, and it contains many nutrients such as mineral balance, calcium, magnesium, etc. In addition, it has excellent skin penetration and moisturizing properties.

③Natural Herbal Extracts


④Contains natural essential oils

The natural essential oil formula provides a deeply scented relaxing effect.

Bergamot or lavender, you can choose from two different scents to suit your taste and mood of the day.

⑤Two-layer oil-in-mist

The combination of water and oil makes this a versatile body mist in a single bottle. It should be wiped lightly before use. It is easy to use even for those who are concerned about the stickiness characteristic of oil.

⑥relaxing effect of fragrance

Scent is also linked to “comfort” when applied, and works directly on the limbic system, which controls human instincts and emotions.


Lavender is an all-purpose fragrance that combines the soft floral scent with the freshness of herbs.

It has a relaxing effect and is effective in relieving stress and promoting good sleep.



Used to flavor the black tea Earl Grey, it has a sublime aroma that combines the freshness of citrus with floral sweetness.

It has a relaxing effect and is effective in relieving feelings of depression, anxiety, and tension.


⑦Summary of “Adlay Skin Care to Improve Moisture Retention

In this session, you learned about the benefits of skin cleanliness and the structure of beautiful skin.

The Nellcoccia skin care product, Tear grass Body Mist, has five features: ①Highly moisturizing/Toyama Prefecture Astragalus bran oil, ② Toyama Bay deep sea water, ③Natural herb extracts, ④ Natural essential oil blend, and ⑤ Two-layer oil-in-mist with relaxing scents like “lavender” and “bergamot. The product contains relaxing scents such as “lavender” and “bergamot.

We hope you will enjoy your daily skincare routine comfortably while benefiting from the moisturizing power of Tear grass membranaceus and other botanicals.

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