60% of skin moisturizing is determined by food! What are the nutrients that make for beautiful skin?

綺麗な肌をつくる栄養 Nercocia.ネルコッチャ

The Tear grass upcycle brand [Nellcoccia] will provide you with information on how to have beautiful skin through healthy living, and how to live with confidence and more vitality by having beautiful skin.

We have been reporting on the benefits of beautiful skin for some time now, and we have been gradually mentioning not only external skin care but also internal care from the inside.

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We have told you that sleep is important for beautiful skin, but have any of you tried to put this into practice?

We hope that by being conscious of sleep, which is said to be 1/3 of your life, you will feel the change to a healthier body and more beautiful skin.

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The relationship between good sleep and beautiful skin.

Now, we will show you how you can also improve the quality of that sleep and have even more beautiful skin. We will tell you about “skin moisturizing and nutrition” to help you understand that beautiful skin is built on good health.


Nutrition and Skin

The reason why nutrition is related to skin is that during sleep, cell repair and hormonal balance are regulated, and the body’s natural performance is enhanced.

Nutrition is necessary during sleep.

Cellular repair and immune function are normally regulated during sleep, which requires nutrients necessary for the skin, which are obtained from a well-balanced diet.

If the nutrients that are supposed to be used for repair are in short supply, the result can be rough skin, hair loss, obesity, distraction, and depression.

In addition, obesity and hidden obesity require more energy than most people when they are sleeping.

When nutritional deficiencies occur, the quality of sleep is often poor.

There are many possible reasons for this, such as not feeling tired when you wake up in the morning, even though you are getting a good night’s sleep. Instead of repairing the body and cells, breathing remains stifled, oxygen is not getting to every corner of the body, and the burden builds up in a stagnant state.

Nutrients necessary for skin hydration

Sixty percent of skin moisturizing is determined by food, and we approach skin from the capillaries by incorporating nutrients from quality food.

Here is a detailed explanation of the nutrients necessary for beautiful skin.


Carbohydrates are a source of energy that carries oxygen to the brain, muscles, and entire body.

Helps maintain a healthy intestinal environment and supports the development of beautiful skin.

Carbohydrates are not a bad thing, but rather a necessary nutrient! By overconsuming and ingesting them in the right way, we can avoid glycation, the blood sugar spike that hastens skin aging.

Avoid eating large amounts of carbohydrates at a time, and adjust the amount of carbohydrates in your diet to about 240 kcal per bowl of rice.

Sprouted rice and cereal rice are recommended.

Main foods containing carbohydrates

Brown rice, rice, rice cakes, bread, buckwheat noodles, udon noodles, pasta, potatoes, sugar


Necessary for skin moisture and barrier function

Skin luster, hair luster, hormone secretion

Trans fatty acids in coffee milk, margarine, etc. should be avoided.

Oils that are good for the body are (omega-3) and (omega-9).

(Excessive consumption of (omega-6) can aggravate skin problems, atopy, and allergies.

Cholesterol is also essential for the synthesis of intercellular lipids.

<Food examples

Olive oil, sesame oil, egoma oil, butter, sesame, almonds, etc.


Proteins are indispensable for human life.

Protein is essential for organs, bones, muscles, skin, hair, nails, hormones, enzymes, and cell formation.

Lack of protein causes wrinkles, sagging, and delayed turnover.

As we age, we eat less and sometimes do not consume enough protein.

〈Food Examples〉

Eggs, beef, pork, chicken, fish, shellfish, fish roe, tofu, natto, cheese, yogurt, etc.

Vitamins = vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E

They support carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, and play a role in health and beauty.

Anti-aging effect

【Vitamin A】

Creates elastic skin.

〈Food examples〉

Eels, liver, carrots

【Vitamin B group】

Improves skin and hair elasticity, rough skin, and acne

<Food examples〉

Sprouted rice, pork, natto, liver

【vitamin C】

Prevention of blotchiness, enhancement of immunity

〈Food examples〉

Lemon, orange, paprika

【vitamin D】

It is also used for skin regeneration and the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

〈Food examples〉

Salmon, Pacific saury, eggs, mushrooms

【vitamin E】

Vitamin for rejuvenation, blood circulation, hormone secretion

〈Food examples〉

Cod roe, pumpkin, avocado

【Minerals = calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium】

・Eating Mineral-Rich Foods Leads to Highly Hydrated Skin

Many Japanese people are mineral deficient. It is important to take minerals in good balance, as excessive intake of minerals can affect health.

【calcium (Ca)】

Used in the formation of bones and teeth.

〈Food examples〉

Yogurt, cheese, elk

【magnesium (Mg)】

・Deficiency with age

・Magnesium decreases with age, leading to dry skin.

・Suppresses hormone secretion and allergies

〈Examples of foods〉

Almonds, soybeans, sprouted rice


Formation of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout the body

Prevention of anemia, fair skin

<Food examples〉

Red meat, fish, komatsuna, soybeans, hijiki, shellfish

【zinc (Zn)】

Promotes cell metabolism (turnover)

Skin and hair shine

<Food examples

Oysters, liver, eels, beef,

【potassium (K)】

Swelling, water balance in the body

〈Food examples〉

Seaweed, avocado, bonito

【dietary fiber】

Intestinal environment control, beautiful skin, and anti-aging effects

〈Food examples〉

Seaweed, natto, fruits, vegetables, dried radish, soybeans, grains, burdocks, potatoes, mushrooms

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100% cotton (recycled cotton used)

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In this issue, we told you about inner care from inside the body. We hope you will start what you can do from today as soon as possible, being aware of the nutrition that keeps your skin moisturized and beautiful, and experience the rebirth of your skin in the 28-day cycle.

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