Accelerating Turnover] What is warming up your skin and mind?


◯Warming up your skin and mind

As the temperature drops day by day this season, we find ourselves with cold hands and feet, swollen feet and face, and a difficult time of the year when the body loses its balance due to the cold. Cold is the root of all illnesses,” as the old saying goes, and it is a major enemy of both health and beauty.

 Have you ever noticed that your skin feels chapped or that it is difficult for your usual skincare products to penetrate into your skin? Cold air causes pores to tighten and blood flow to stagnate, resulting in a state of tension. In addition, the skin does not turn over normally, making it difficult to exfoliate dead skin cells and discharge excess waste matter, and the complexion is somewhat dull and unrefreshing. This is the season when skin problems such as dullness, puffiness, wrinkles, blotches, and acne are difficult to resolve with only the usual care. Naturally, the cold also causes blood flow to stagnate not only to the skin but also to the entire body, leading to stiff shoulders, headaches, fatigue, low motivation, colds, and so on.

◯What to expect from warming up

Raising the body temperature by an additional degree improves blood flow throughout the body, eliminating dull skin and restoring healthy skin tone. Good skin tone means that the body as a whole is in good condition.

By warming up the body and raising the body temperature, it is possible to regulate the turnover of the skin and raise the cellular level.

(It is also said that warming up the body = the power to heal the skin.

Not only for beauty, but by warming up the body, you can expect to improve your health, and it also has a positive effect on your mental health, making you feel more positive, which will lead to a healthy body and mind.

〇Improved immunity

〇Fatigue relief

〇Relieves constipation

〇Fat anemia

〇Improvement of irregular menstruation

〇Postpartum uterine care

〇Relaxation effect

With so many things to expect, don’t you want to try it as soon as possible?

In this issue, we will tell you how to warm up your body, which is called “warming up” and is also connected to measures against cold.

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◯Specific warming methods


Exercise is the easiest way to feel the immediate effects of cold, stiffened muscles and joints, as exercise can expand the range of motion and get blood flowing throughout the body. If muscle mass can be maintained, it is possible to warm up the body and switch to a positive mindset, which has a high anti-aging effect.

Mugwort Steam Care

This is a method of warming the body from the delicate zone to the core by exposing the skin and mucous membranes to and absorbing steam infused with mugwort, mainly from the lower half of the body. By increasing metabolism, it is said to reduce the age of the skin by 10 years. Yang Kwei-Hui is said to have used this method.

Hot water bottle

Hot-water bottles have been around for a long time, but recently there are more and more easy-to-handle hot-water bottles available, and they are in strong demand. By warming the waist, abdomen, and groin area, it warms the whole body and is effective in relieving coldness in the hands and feet.

Hand and ankle warmers (leg warmers)

It is said that warming the area traditionally known as the neck can raise the body temperature. Leg and ankle warmers are fashionable items that warm the wrists, ankles, and neck not only when sleeping, but also when going out, to protect against cold and keep the entire body warm and comfortable.


By taking large, deep breaths, oxygen is sent throughout the body and the autonomic nervous system is regulated. The autonomic nervous system is regulated and the effect of relaxation is enhanced, leading to deep sleep and a positive mindset. We recommend Pilates, which allows the body to regulate itself along with breathing. It is especially effective for overcoming pre-menstrual discomfort and discomfort in the body.


Getting a good night’s sleep can raise your body temperature. Insomnia and lack of sleep lower body temperature.


Avoid food additives. Food additives accumulate in the body and lower the cellular level of your own body, causing skin aging. When shopping, check the ingredients label and avoid additives as much as possible so that you can feel the changes in your health.


Have you been hard on yourself at some point?

It may be a little hard for Japanese, but please accept me as I am and acknowledge the good things about me now. “I am beautiful. I am good at my job. I am kind. Acknowledging yourself as you are now and directing kindness toward yourself will also have a great warming effect.


In this issue, we also provided specific ways to keep warm in order to also improve the state of your body and mind.

There are many benefits to beautiful skin and health by increasing body temperature and warming the entire body, and this warming method is easy to adopt.

And finally, skin care for beautiful skin care is performed in a good state of body warmth. You will feel the difference from a cold body and skin. The time for skin care is also a time to face yourself. Sometimes, we recommend that you carefully check your skin as you care for it.

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