How to Take Care of Tear grass to Overcome Skin Problems in New Life

April is the month of new beginnings, a time of major changes in “environment” and “human relationships,” which can cause a great deal of stress on the mind, skin, and body, often leading to various disorders and problems.

It is precisely at times like these that we at Nercocia. will be offering our Astragalus products, as well as specific ways to take care of yourself, so that you can prevent or deal with problems as early as possible.


Acne spikes with new life

The state of your skin is closely related to the state of your health, so if you are continually under-slept or overworked due to accumulated fatigue, your skin will unfortunately become rough as well.

In order to prevent fatigue from accumulating the next day, try to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep to reduce the burden on the body, which is good for the skin, preventing rough skin and keeping it fresh and moisturized.

For more information on the relationship between sleep and skin, please click here.

Mental stress can also cause the sympathetic nervous system to become dominant, disrupting the autonomic nervous system and disrupting hormone balance.

Disturbance of the autonomic nervous system reduces blood flow, which cools the body and even lowers ovarian function, resulting in imbalance of the skin and physical condition. This leads to poor metabolism, which disrupts skin turnover, making it prone to dryness and lack of moisture even with the usual skin care, creating a vicious cycle for the skin. It is also important to try not to accumulate stress while taking moderate relaxation.

Please refer to the following tips on how to take a warm bath to help you relax.

Also, when busy days begin, you may have to eat at convenience stores or have more dinner parties, which may cause rough skin due to lack of nutritional balance and other necessary nutrients for the skin.

Even if you don’t cook for yourself every day, a little understanding of nutrition will help you to choose rice over wheat, protein over fat, and so on. In this age of convenience, there are color schemes and other services that can shorten your time, so we hope you will make good use of them to get through your new life.

Learn more about nutrition for beautiful skin.

Among skin problems, acne and pimples are particularly dangerous signals. Just like physical health, the skin condition is an inflammatory reaction that causes “acne” and “pimples.

As those of you who have experienced this condition know, it is difficult to immediately improve when the skin condition worsens, and even if it gets a little better, it will worsen again.

It becomes painful to look in the mirror, and eventually, you start to hate meeting people, and everything becomes backward-looking. We don’t want you to suffer from such a vicious cycle, so we are introducing products that will solve your skin problems such as acne, moisturizing, and rough skin, which is one of Nercocia’s strong points.

Causes of recurring acne in adults

No matter what you do, it won’t go away or improve! And we told you that acne and pimples are one of the most profound skin problems. Here, we will tell you about the causes of acne and pimples.

Hormonal imbalance, too much sugar, lack of sleep, rubbing of masks, and proliferation of acne bacteria are some of the causes.

Acne can be caused by skin problems that are caused by sebum and keratin clogging pores and causing inflammation, or by stress, excessive skin care, and poor diet.

When excess sebum is secreted or keratin is thickened, sebum and keratin cannot get out of the pore. Once the pores become blocked, bacteria can easily multiply, and sebum oxidizes in the pores, causing inflammation, which appears as “acne.

There are different types of pimples, such as white, black, and red pimples, and they can appear on the face, back, and chest. The chronic inflammation that remains can cause recurrent pimples and hyperpigmentation, and even if the pimple appears to have healed, if it is red, puffy, or itchy, the source of the acne is still present.

If you are concerned about it and touch it with your fingers, crush it, or touch it with your fingers that have bacteria, the pimple will worsen, and if you crush it, the redness will become worse, the inflammation will extend to the dermal layer, indentations will form, and it can often become a factor in painful skin irritation that does not heal easily even if you use medications.

Proper skin care, improved diet, and stress reduction are also important.

Usefulness of Tear grass membranaceus for acne

Tear grass has long been used in Asia, including Japan, both as a food and as a Wakan-yaku (Japanese traditional medicine). Astragalus is known to have beneficial effects on the skin, especially against acne.

It contains many nutrients such as vitamins B1, B2, and E. Its natural moisturizing factor has a very similar structure to NMF (natural moisturizing factor), which is found in the stratum corneum of the skin.

When Tear grass is applied to the skin, it retains skin moisture, protects the skin from drying out, and prevents the development of rough skin and acne due to its moisturizing effect.

Tear grass also has the effect of removing dead skin cells. This effect keeps the skin clean without clogging pores and prevents the occurrence of acne.

In addition, Tear grass is believed to improve the flexibility and elasticity of the skin, thereby improving skin texture and maintaining healthy skin. Nercocia develops products using such luxurious wheat bran oil extracted from the bran of wheat bran for wear and skin care.

Here are some products we especially recommend for the coming season.

Acne-fighting Skin Moisturizing Tear grass Wear

Adding Ancient Japanese Natural Materials

Astragalus & Washi Blended Cotton

Tear grass membranaceus, which moisturizes the skin, is kneaded into the fiber material, which is then blended with Japanese paper.

While maintaining the conventional softness, it is lightweight and strong, with excellent moisture absorbency and natural antibacterial and deodorant properties.


Cotton 78% Washi 22

Plant-derived moisturizing ingredients (Tear grass bran oil, shea butter, olive oil)

Washi blend open-necked shirt price 1,4,850 yen

Washi blend tapered pants price ¥1,1000

Washi blend pullover price 8,690 yen

Washi blend shorts price 9,350 yen


With the ongoing tension of a new life, it is important to make time to release stress as much as possible and create an environment that allows you to relax. By reviewing skin care and clothing that are in direct contact with the skin, skin stress can be reduced. We hope that you will incorporate Nercocia.’s Astragalus series to help prevent rough skin in your new life.

In addition, products made from natural materials such as Japanese paper and fibers such as lyocell made from eucalyptus can be returned to the earth without burdening the earth when they are finished.

By adopting these materials, Nercocia. is tackling the challenges of the apparel industry, and at the same time, we are taking on the challenge of manufacturing products that are environmentally friendly, in the deep hope that children in the future will be able to live comfortably in the richness of nature.

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