Summer Skin Moisturizing Tear grass Items

The great enemy of the coming summer season is, without a doubt, ultraviolet rays.
Exposure to UV rays can cause wrinkles, blotches, dryness, stickiness, and other skin problems, so UV protection is important.

However, the heat can make you want to give up wearing makeup and say, “I’ve given up! Sometimes, when you are on vacation at a resort, you may want to forget about hats and UV protection and just soak up the sun.

For humans, exposure to the sun helps to regulate the autonomic nervous system and allows us to get a good night’s sleep, which satisfies our body’s needs. Also, moderate sun exposure is not only a disadvantage, but also a benefit, as it promotes skin turnover and repair while you sleep.

It is important to maintain skin health through simple daily skin care, rather than living without sun exposure, in order to maintain the body’s balance. You do not need to do anything special to lead your skin to a state where it will not be scared off by the ultraviolet rays of summer. In addition, we will introduce you to some items that can be used to take care of your skin in an easier way by incorporating Tear grass items.


Reasons for summer skin problems

Speaking of summer skin problems

No. 1 Stickiness
No. 2 Open pores
No. 3 Acne breakouts

It is said.

Why do these problems occur? I will tell you the following.

One of the reasons why summer skin is prone to problems is perspiration. 

Sweat is produced in the sweat glands on the skin.

Most of the components are water, and sweat is produced to regulate body temperature when the body temperature rises.
Sweat has many benefits, such as detoxification, stress relief, and skin beautification. However, leaving perspiration as it is causes the moisture in the skin to evaporate just as the sweat evaporates, robbing the skin of its moisture and drying it out.

This dryness reduces the skin’s barrier function and can easily cause skin problems, so it is important to gently wipe away perspiration without leaving it on the skin. It is important to moisturize afterwards.

The second is “washing too much.

In summer, metabolism increases, sebum levels rise, and skin becomes sticky, leading to more frequent showers and washing of the face. However, the use of strong cleansers and detergents each time leads to skin moisture loss and dryness. In order to compensate for this moisture, extra sebum is secreted again, causing sticky skin. While it is good to keep the skin clean, it is important to leave the necessary oils in the body. To do this, we recommend using a cleanser that cleanses and moisturizes moderately, without using strong detergents. After showering, it is also important to avoid excessive sebum production by moisturizing with a simple moisturizer.

The third is a “weakened immune system.

Due to the heat, the inside of the body is surprisingly cold from cold drinks and food. In addition, the body loses its appetite and is forced to eat simple meals, which leads to unbalanced nutrition. As the body weakens and the immune system declines, the skin is also affected. Skin inflammation such as redness, itching, acne, and dryness of the skin occurs. It is important to eat well and sleep well to protect summer skin, being conscious of eating a nutritionally balanced diet.

Nercocia.Tear grass skin care for summer skin

Before it’s too late with terrible summer skin problems, take precautions to stay young and beautiful forever by using Nercocia.Tear grass skin care products to make it as easy and effective as possible.

1.Moisturizing wash to clean

Nercoia. Tear grass soap

Packed with moisturizing and beauty ingredients made over time using the cold-press method

Tear grass soap that gently cleanses and moisturizes

It can be used even in frequent summer showers without worrying about dryness.

〈How to use〉

It can be used as a body soap (for the whole body) or as a facial soap. Lather well before use. After washing, rinse with water or lukewarm water.

【Trade Name】Nelcoccia Soap HM1

【Standard weight】 60g (kneaded)

【Ingredients】Silk soap base (coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, water (blended with Toyama Bay deep sea water), sodium hydroxide, wheat grass oil, almond oil, shea fat), egoma oil, hinokitiol, tocopherol, natural fragrance.

2.Moisturizing for healthy skin

Nercocia.Tear grass root body spray

Contains bran oil of Tear grass membranaceus, which is well-known as a Chinese herb. The two-layer oil-in-mist formula is moisturizing but not sticky, making it an easy-to-use mist-type moisturizer for those who are sensitive to the stickiness of oil.

How to use

● As a booster

As a booster, use at the beginning of your regular skincare routine to soften the skin and make it easier for lotion and other products to penetrate into the skin.

● As a serum

As a serum, it is a rich moisturizer made from Ayurvedic herbs, which helps to improve skin transparency.

● As a hair oil

Use on wet hair or dry ends during the day. It is also used for wet hair and dry hair ends during the day.

● As a body care oil

After taking a bath, spray it on your entire body to make your skin elastic and supple.

● For hand care

Nelcocca is also recommended for use while working on a PC, as it is non-greasy and moisturizes even the fingertips.

【Name】Nelcoccia Body Mist

【Standard weight】115ml

【Lavender Ingredients】Water・Squalane・Glycerin・Tear grass bran oill・Na citrate・Na citric acid・Na chloride・Polyglyceryl-2 diisostearate・Tocopherol・xanthan gum・BG・1.2-Hexanediol・Caprylyllyl Hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, chamomilla flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, lavender oil, phenoxyethanol

【Bergamot ingredients】Water・Squalane・Glycerin・Tear grass bran oil・Na citrate・Na citrate・Na chloride・Polyglyceryl-2 diisostearate・Tocopherol・xanthan gum・BG・1.2-Hexanediol・Caprylylglycol・Lavender oil・Phenoxyethanol hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, chamomilla flower extract, rosemary leaf extract, bergamot fruit oil, phenoxyethanol


Healthy skin is a state in which the skin has the ability to heal itself by restoring the natural healing power (turnover) even after damage from ultraviolet rays and other factors. Also, since the metabolism of the skin increases, it is a time when results are easily achieved by taking care of your skin in the correct way. We hope you will enjoy nurturing your skin.

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