The relationship between good sleep and beautiful skin.

Recently, research on sleep has been advancing, and it is becoming increasingly clear how important sleep is for human beings.

In this context, it is said that Japanese people sleep far less than people in other countries. Why is this?

One reason is that Japanese people tend to be diligent and serious by nature.

They tend to cut back on their sleeping hours in order to spend more time working overtime or studying due to their sense of responsibility at work.

This leads to shortened sleeping hours and irregular lifestyles, and many people end up in the worst condition of not being able to sleep even though they want to.

Therefore, I would like to tell you that you can have beautiful skin by getting a good night’s sleep.

We have already told you about the benefits of having beautiful skin in the past, so please refer to that article as well.

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better sleep for beautiful skin

①Benefits of Sleep

First, the table shows the benefits of a good night’s sleep for the skin and, conversely, the condition of the skin if it does not get a good night’s sleep.


②Effects of Sleep on Skin

We know what sleep can do for your skin, and conversely, we know that lack of sleep and irregular lifestyle can cause skin problems.

No matter how expensive cosmetics and skin care products you use, if you do not get a good night’s sleep, it will be ruined.

③Explanation of the effects of sleep

So, why is sleep so important? I will touch on this.

Sleep stimulates growth hormone, which is essential for the production of new cells.

Growth hormone is the key to maintaining healthy and beautiful skin by repairing and regenerating damaged cells and tissues.

Lack of sleep or inadequate quality sleep inhibits the secretion of growth hormone, resulting in skin imbalance, cracked skin, and high lipid secretion, which can lead to acne and pimples.

We have all experienced the pimples that appear when we stay up late at night, haven’t we?

The sad reality is that no matter how much care you take from the outside, hormonal imbalance caused by lack of sleep worsens your skin condition rather than improving it.

Of course, it is not only your skin that suffers, but also your body.

④Importance of good sleep

It is important to sleep well, and to get good sleep at that.

It used to be said that 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. was the “golden hour,” when the body secretes a large amount of growth hormones.

However, this common sense is changing.

It is now known that the secretion of growth hormones can be achieved by determining the optimal time to sleep according to one’s biorhythms and falling into a state of deep sleep (non-REM sleep) within 4 hours, regardless of the time of falling asleep.

Although the optimal sleep time varies depending on your age and physical condition, you can achieve a good sleep to maintain the beauty of your skin by making it a habit to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time every day.

In addition, for women, not only the secretion of growth hormone, but also the secretion of estrogen, a female hormone, is closely related to the amount of growth hormone secreted.

Estrogen is an important hormone that regulates the amount of moisture and sebum in the skin, in addition to causing menstruation and helping to form femininity.

When sleep deprivation occurs, estrogen is not secreted normally.

A good night’s sleep helps the parasympathetic nervous system to become dominant, improving blood circulation, supplying nutrients, and detoxifying the body (eliminating waste products).

When the sympathetic nervous system becomes dominant, blood vessels tighten and blood flow becomes sluggish, causing dull skin and dark circles under the eyes.

This can cause dull skin and dark circles under the eyes.

In other words, it is important to get a good night’s sleep.

Attempt to get a good night’s sleep

Unfortunately, the quality of sleep decreases with age.

Therefore, in order to get a better night’s sleep for your skin, you need to do a few things.

We recommend that you also be conscious of your food, clothing, and shelter.

Nercocia. also offers items to help you get a good night’s sleep.


It is said that you sweat a cupful of sweat while sleeping.

We recommend relaxing loungewear that is highly absorbent and breathable and does not constrict the body.

和紙 日本古来の天然素材をプラス。ハトムギ配合和紙ブレンド天竺。Nercociaブランドです。

Washi blended loungewear

 Original wheatgrass blended material and Japanese paper blended fabric.

 It is soft, lightweight, strong, absorbent, and moisture-absorbent.

 It also has natural antibacterial and deodorant properties.

 By blending Japanese paper, it retains the appearance of firmness.

 This loungewear is moist and soft to the touch.


 Cotton 78%, Non-classified fiber (Japanese paper) 22

 Contains plant-derived moisturizing ingredients (tear grass bran oil, shea butter, olive oil)


 S Women’s size 9-11, equivalent to men’s size S

 M Women’s size 13, equivalent to men’s size M

 L Women’s size 15, equivalent to men’s size L


 Open collar shirt 14,850 yen (tax included)

 Tapered pants 11,000 yen (tax included)

美容成分ハトムギヌカ油配合ウエア あたたかく、なめらかな肌ざわり エイトロックスムース

Warm and smooth to the touch Eight Rock Smooth

 Original wheatgrass blended material.

 While it is usually knitted with 1 stitch on the front and 1 stitch on the back, it is knitted with 2 stitch on the front and 2 stitch on the back, making it stretchy, warm, and comfortable to touch.

 It has excellent elasticity and warmth, and is so comfortable that you can’t help but want to touch it.


 100% cotton

 Contains plant-derived moisturizing ingredients (wheat bran oil, shea butter, olive oil)


 S Women’s size 9-11, equivalent to men’s size S

 M Women’s size 13, equivalent to men’s size M

 L Women’s size 15, equivalent to men’s size L

Eighty Rock Smooth Cardigan 13,200 yen (tax included)

Eighty Rock Smooth Pants 12,100 yen (tax included)


A good balance of nutrients will improve the quality of your sleep.

We recommend taking foods rich in tryptophan, which is the source of melatonin.

Essential amino acid = tryptophan is not produced by the body. 

Meat fish eggs dairy products (mainly protein)

Miso soup, fish, bananas, etc. are recommended.

It is also a good idea to take supplements to help regulate the body from the inside.

It is also important to control blood sugar levels so that they do not rise.


When blood flow is blocked, fatigue and discomfort occur. Exercise during the day to keep the blood flowing to the ends of the body and oxygen flowing throughout the body.

Stretching, mindfulness, and yoga, which release serotonin and regulate the brain, are recommended as they also regulate breathing.


Prepare your bedroom to switch from a significant sympathetic (fight mode) state during the day to a significant parasympathetic (relax mode) state that promotes relaxation.


Avoid smartphones and computers before going to sleep.

Blue light is a very strong energy and reaches the retina.

The light is also detected through the skin, causing adverse effects. The secretion of melatonin, which causes drowsiness, is reduced, which distorts the body’s internal clock and reduces the quality of sleep.


After a lukewarm bath, heat is released from the backs of the hands and feet, lowering the body’s deep temperature and facilitating a smooth onset of sleep.


Lavender and bergamot scents induce sleepiness.

髪から足先まで全身に使える 国産ハトムギ ボディミスト ベルガモット ラベンダー

Tear grass Body Mist

Contains Tear grass bran oil to moisturize and keep your skin healthy.

It contains natural herbal extracts such as German chamomile extract and rosemary extract that keep your skin flexible.

The two-layer oil-in-mist is moisturizing but not sticky, and is recommended for use from the skin to the toes.

Main ingredients

 Highly moisturizing Toyama Tear grass bran oil

 Toyama Bay deep sea water

 Natural essential oil Lavender Bergamot

 2,970 yen (tax included)

Skin is said to be the largest organ of the human body. The skin protects the internal organs of the body from the outside and also plays a role in detecting overall physical ailments, making it an irreplaceable part of our lives. By simply being aware of the importance of a good night’s sleep today, you will be able to sleep better than ever before, and together with Nercocia. products, we will help you get the best sleep possible. We hope that you will put this into practice to achieve good health and beautiful skin.

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