Excellent moisturizing power! Nercocia. sunburn aftercare with wheatgrass products

Nerucocia’s “Astragalus series” is made by upcycling Astragalus bran from Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture, which was once discarded, and contains Astragalus bran oil extracted from the bran of the Astragalus plant.

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We will show you how the Astragalus in “Nercocia. Astragalus Products” works and how it works on your skin within 72 hours, which is important for aftercare of sunburned skin.


What is Tear grass?


What kind of plant comes to mind when you hear the word “Tear grass”? Tear grass is a member of the family Poaceae, native to South Asia, and is used in Chinese medicine as a herbal remedy.

Tear grass is highly nutritious, containing more than twice as much protein as polished rice, and rich in vitamins B1, B2, calcium, and iron.

It is said that Tear grass was introduced to Japan in the Edo period (1603-1867), and because of its high nutritional value, Tear grass was prescribed to recover strength after illness or childbirth.

In particular, the high-quality amino acids contained in Tear grass are highly effective for treatment, health, and beauty, and it has long been used as a skin and immune booster.

Nercocia, a brand created from Tear grass membranaceus grown in Oyabe City.


Tear grass in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture, was first cultivated by three farmers in a small field in 2007.

The tear grass in Oyabe City, which started with three farmers, has gained a reputation for being suited to the land of Oyabe, as it yields 2 to 2.5 times more than other fields in the country, and has quickly spread throughout the city, making Oyabe the largest tear grass producer in Japan.

While the increase in production is a welcome development, the tear grass bran generated from the production has few uses, and until now it has only been used as fertilizer or disposed of as waste.

The amount is said to be as much as 5 tons per year.

We have been trying to find a way to recycle the “tear grass bran” that has been thrown away, and have been experimenting with ways to contribute to the SDGs, even if only in a small way. As a result, we came to the conclusion that what we can do is to upcycle “tear grass bran.

The resulting brand is “Nercocia.

Three Benefits of Astragalus Extract Ingredients


As we have explained, Astragalus contains more than twice as much protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, and iron as polished rice, and Astragalus extract, from which the ingredients are extracted, contains high-quality amino acids and has many beneficial effects.

Let us introduce three benefits of Astragalus extract ingredients.

Three benefits of the extracted ingredients

  • moisturizing
  • Whitening, UV prevention
  • Warts and acne

(1) Structure of extracted components

It contains a large amount of high-quality amino acids and regulates the state of moisture from the surface to the depths of the skin, which can cause problems such as dryness, roughness due to keratinization, and roughness of the skin. By maintaining the balance between water retention and moisture retention, the effect of beautiful skin can be expected.

(2) Whitening, UV prevention

It helps smooth the elimination of excess waste and regulates normal turnover. Based on research showing that it inhibits skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays, it is expected to be effective in preventing ultraviolet rays, blotches, freckles, and whitening.

(3) Warts and acne

The “coixelanoids” tumor suppressant action of the astragalus ingredient has an anti-inflammatory effect and is said to be highly effective in the treatment of acne and warts.

Sun Protection by Astragalus


At this time of year, we need to be especially careful about ultraviolet rays. Even if you take sun protection measures, it is inevitable that you will get sunburned by the intense ultraviolet rays when you go outside. What is important is to provide proper aftercare within 72 hours of exposure to UV rays. Melanin is said to be produced 72 hours after exposure to UV rays, so taking care of your skin before that time is the key to beautiful skin.

The condition of sunburned skin is like that of a mild burn, so cooling the skin is recommended. In addition, sunburn causes the skin to lose moisture from the surface to the inside of the skin, making it difficult for the skin to retain moisture as it should. As a result, the skin’s barrier function is impaired, making it even more susceptible to external stimuli. By keeping the skin well hydrated and moisturized, it is possible to return the skin to its original normal state. One thing to remember here is that it is not only the face that is damaged by UV rays, but also the entire body. This means that your entire body and your hair and scalp are also sunburned. Since this can cause hair loss and graying, we will also introduce some special items.

We recommend taking care of your skin with “Nercocia. Astragalus series,” which maximizes the whitening and moisturizing effects of Astragalus before melanin is produced after 72 hours and pigmentation and turnover is disturbed, causing blotches, wrinkles, and sagging.

Next, we will introduce specific care methods using the Nercocia.Astragalus series.

UV aftercare methods

Here are some specific care instructions.

美容成分配合ハトムギ ネルコッチャ スキンケア。トライアルのご紹介です。


Cool the skin with cold water or ice until the burning of the skin calms down.

▶︎ Face wash

Adlay soap

Lather thoroughly. Slowly and gently roll the lather to wash the skin, avoiding scrubbing as it is easily irritated.

▶︎Towel dry

Rinse face with lukewarm water and pat gently with a clean towel to avoid rubbing.

▶︎ Water retention

Adlay lotion

Apply a generous amount of the lotion to the palms of your hands and gently apply it to the entire face with both hands, repeating this several times as you feel it gradually penetrate into the skin.

Repeat several times to allow the lotion to penetrate the skin and calm the burning skin on your face.

▶︎ moisturize

Adlay beauty oil

Take the oil in your hands and gently spread it on your skin. The oil will cover the skin and finish moisturizing.

▶︎Hair/scalp~whole body Moisturizing & Moisturizing

Astragalus Body Mist

This is an all-in-one product that provides water and moisturizing for the entire body, from scalp and hair to toes. Sunburn from exposure to ultraviolet rays is not only on the face, but also on the entire body, hair, and scalp. This product is also recommended for those who want to take care of their children’s skin or for those who want an easy way to take care of their skin.

We hope that by using Nercocia. Astragalus skin care, which contains ingredients with high whitening and moisturizing effects, within 72 hours of exposure to UV rays, you will be able to take even better care of your sunburned skin and further refine your beauty as it really is.

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